A Garden is Life

A garden must be able to amaze and enchant with its beauty. It has to make us fall in love and help us reconnect with nature. It should make us remember what really matters in life.

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'We create ecosystems where art and nature merge to create the gardens of the future, where softscape and hardscape blend together, releasing the full potential of a place, making it unique and incomparable.'

— Stefano Assogna
Garden Designer

The Services I provide

From consultancy to implementation

With the consultancy service I provide specific information on how to reorganise small spaces, or how to manage large gardens, vegetable gardens and orchards.


Designing a garden means first of all listening to your requirements and knowing how to transform them into something living and harmonious. It means carefully planning an outdoor space that is authentic, enjoyable and above all sustainable over time.

Implementation & Management

We then follow all stages of implementation and subsequent cultivation operations. While implementation is the most delicate and important stage of the whole process, management and supervision is the only guarantee of success in the future.


Turn your outdoor space into the garden of your dreams

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