Between rock and plants

A new project in a mountainous/hilly setting, surrounded by a beautiful chestnut forest (Castanea sativa).

The photos show the garden less than a year after its creation, at the most delicate moment of its development. The first few years are exceptionally delicate and demand constant monitoring by a professional. In this garden we are doing this with outstanding results with the aim of reaching full maturity in two to three years.

The extensive use of stone (hardscape) brings structure to a garden marked by steep slopes and gives the end user an immediate ability to read the spaces, enhancing perception of the large area around the house.

The skilful use of shrubs, grasses and Mediterranean climate perennials (softscape) brings harmony, sweetness and cheerfulness between the modern forms of the manor house and the mightiness of the stones, used as drystone retaining walls, stairs and rock gardens.

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