Mediterranean Chianti

We are in one of the most prestigious areas of Chianti and with an incredible landscape. Endless avenues of cypress trees, terraced olive groves, period houses, prestigious wineries and that sense of beauty that only Tuscany can give.

The project aims to transform this holiday home into a place to live all year round, a garden to be admired and savored in all its forms, in all its colors. In this project we have brought the Mediterranean Mixed Planting ™, the Mediterranean and Italian transposition of the famous gardens of the New Perennial Movement.

A mix of perennials, grasses and small shrubs specially designed to be varied, dynamic and amazing over the years. It requires a low level of care and management but high botanical and agronomic skills.

These plant associations, including the Mediterranean scrub along the driveway, create a deep bond with the surrounding area and enhance the beauty of the place.