Modern Mediterranean garden (3-4 years later)

San Cesareo (Rm)

Located in the hills, near the Castelli Romani, this garden offers the opportunity to relive the sensations, scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub and the garrigue.

The planting design I have devised is meant to give the most natural feeling possible, while at the same time drawing the user’s eye with skilfully inserted geometric patterns.

These photos portray the garden 3-4 years after its realization.

The photos deliberately portray the garden at a distance of years and at various times of the year, as we firmly believe that there is no better time for our gardens, which are always ready to amaze and excite.

Transparency is the basis of our work and we think it is important not to show our gardens only once, at the best time and at the right distance from the realization but always, over the years and at different moments of their evolution.

The use of these plants makes the growth of a garden extremely dynamic and can be left at the total discretion of nature or guided by the wise judgment of the landscape designer over the years.