Natural garden (after 4-5 years)

Riano (Rm)

Clay and tuffaceous soil, total absence of irrigation, management and care limited to just two operations per year. In this garden I test the resistance of Mediterranean plants in ‘on paper’ unsuitable soils, with astonishing results.

The total absence of irrigation has prompted me over the years to select the most drought-tolerant species and to replicate them in my work. Maintenance is limited to two pruning operations, one in late summer and another in late winter.

Manual weed control is reduced to a minimum because of the allelopathy and the ground covering function of many Mediterranean plants. Nevertheless, the plants are in excellent health and although the liveliness of the garden goes hand in hand with the rainfall, there are always surprises.

A garden that helps to understand the rhythms of nature, easy to maintain and perfectly replicable.

These pictures show the garden after 4-5 years.