Podere Casanuova di Sicelle (Chianti)

We are located in one of the most prestigious areas of the Chianti hills, between the provinces of Siena and Florence. Here we are in the heart of Tuscan tourism, immersed in the food and wine tradition and in the millenary history of lands that have become famous all over the world.

The client wanted to create a luxury villa in perfect harmony with the area and respectful of the environment. We carefully studied the morphology of the place in order to create a sustainable yet resilient garden. The absence of a well and therefore of a water supply useful for the needs of a garden of this size, has led us to explore new solutions in order to create a perfectly sustainable ecosystem on a large scale.

The use of biodegradable mulching sheets to mitigate erosion and retain humidity in the summer, together with the creation of large gravel garden areas (literally a garden immersed in gravel) and the choice of drought-resistant plants, have allowed impressive water savings already from the first summer.

Through the renderings we have imagined a garden that recalls the Tuscan tradition but attentive to the present and the challenges of the future. Formal and informal mix together to create an environment that is perfectly integrated with the area and the late 19th century residences.
The photos show the garden 3 months after completion and with a surprising average growth level given the youngness of the plant and the scarce availability of water.
The design of this ambitious garden began in the autumn of 2021 and the construction was completed in April 2023.

Today Podere Casanuova di Sicelle is a splendid structure with a large swimming pool and tennis court, where you can admire and savor the contemporary Italian garden and the splendid landscape.