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Stefano Assogna is a Garden Designer who specialises in gardens with a natural character. The analysis of the territory, the reinterpretation of natural ecosystems and the wise use of resources strongly characterise his work.

He is a lecturer in Garden Design and Planting Design at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, where he holds professional courses on Mediterranean garden design.

He wrote a book on the Mediterranean garden entitled ‘Se tutti avessimo un giardino, Introduzione al giardinaggio mediterraneo, felice e sostenibile.’

Stefano trained in 2010 at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, the only training facility in Italy specialising in high-level gardening and garden design.

He then worked as a gardener and head gardener, and gained strong skills in plants and gardens, which proved essential in the design phase.
Creativity and a strong passion for technical and artistic drawing led Stefano to specialise in Garden Design, his dream.

Stefano has participated and continues to participate in numerous international meetings with world-renowned landscape architects, often hosted during the Festival ‘I Maestri del Paesaggio’ held annually in Bergamo.

He is considered one of the three most famous Garden Designers in Italy according to Snapitaly magazine.


I am convinced that you cannot do this job at high levels without having a natural talent. The selection of the best professionals I have brought in over the years is based solely and exclusively on real skills and competence. Humility is definitely the first virtue I look for in my collaborators. One of the greatest strengths of my activity is certainly the network of professionals with whom I constantly work together in Italy and abroad. Architects, landscape architects, agronomists, tree climbers and gardeners are just some of the professionals I use in the design, creation and further management of my gardens. Stefano, a young and talented Roman architect, is in my design team and assists me in the creative process of each garden. Sandro, a master gardener from Milan, thanks to his incredible experience in terraces and gardens, takes part as a consultant in the most complex projects. With my team we turn terraces and courtyards into wonderful outdoor living rooms. We turn small, medium and large private gardens into incredible places where you can enjoy the ultimate expression of nature. We guide enlightened entrepreneurs in the fulfilment of their dreams (commercial activities, spa parks, resorts, hotel activities).


A garden must make people fall in love with it, know how to astonish them and be able to stimulate and enhance our connection with the nature that surrounds us. Knowing how to read nature, interpret it and bring it to our doorstep is part of the process of creating my gardens, with innumerable advantages such as saving resources, drastically reducing care and maintenance costs over the years and increasing biodiversity. Even the most formal of gardens can be reinterpreted in a modern way, becoming more sustainable both economically and environmentally. The use of new generation materials, together with a wise use of plants, is crucial for a successful garden. Having fully endorsed the philosophy of the 'New Perennial Movement', the use of Mediterranean herbaceous perennials, grasses and shrubs is prominent in most of my gardens. The advantages are prolonged blooming, ever-changing shapes and colours and reduced maintenance and management. By researching natural ecosystems, plants and the mysterious world called soil, we build gardens that encompass the best of nature in an incredible combination, simulating self-sufficiency and resilience.

stefano bocci

Stefano Bocci

His passion for nature began as a child. Living in the Castelli Romani, in the province of Rome, frequent walks through the chestnut woods surrounding the volcanic lakes Albano and Nemi have given him a deep sensitivity to the plant and animal world.

He enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture at the Sapienza University in Rome to attempt, through design, to reproduce and realise that sense of wonder he experiences every time he is faced with the forms and textures of Nature. During the course of his academic career, he delved independently into the use of 3D modelling and visualisation software and into the themes of contemporary garden design.

After obtaining the qualification as an architect and enrolling in the Order of Architects of Rome, he participated in the course of Green Design at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza.

Stefano stands out for his inborn ability to understand a place and turn it into its best expression and his ability to address critical issues through the best design solutions.

Sandro Degni

Sandro Degni has been gardening at a professional level since the late 1990s.

After successfully passing the course in Design and Maintenance of Green Areas, which took place at the Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, he established his own company, 100giardini.

Sandro’s orientation is mainly directed towards terraces, always studying a natural style, as well as the construction of gardens.

Sandro Degni’s training was long and consistent, increasingly specific and focused on the use and knowledge of grasses and herbaceous perennials. Numerous partnerships with important professional studios and the ability to create networks with numerous collaborators and nurserymen led him to participate, in 2012, in the International Garden Festival of Chaumont, a leading global garden show where access is by strict selection only.

Soon after, Sandro was a founding partner of the company ‘verdeofficina’, a young design studio.

For several years he has been teaching courses in facilities that cater for people with physical disabilities and mental disorders, introducing gardening as a cure to their daily lives.

Training, primarily at an amateur level, has always been his true passion, leading him to hold a number of courses at the Cascina Cuccagna in Milan, the Libreria della Natura and currently, thanks to a fruitful partnership, with the “Hey!” advertising agency in Milan.


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Turn your outdoor space into the garden of your dreams

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